Corporate Hospitality / Incentive Schemes

Motivate and challenge your team

Traditional corporate hospitality events often lack a little something; exciting challenges and pumping adrenaline are not exactly what comes to mind when you’re gearing up for your company’s day out. So why not try a whole new approach to building strong, lasting ties between your team members? Give them an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime and chat about round the water cooler for years to come. That’s where Red 5 Offroad comes in.

Red 5 Offroad can offer you unique, dynamic team-building activities for corporate hospitality events, while arranging an offroading adventure for your team’s top performers as an incentive day is a brilliant way to keep your colleagues motivated. From basic archery to full motorised days in any of our impressive offroad vehicles, Red 5 Offroad has something to suit the mildest of temperaments and even your most adventurous colleagues.

Activities for every team member

Red 5 Offroad’s team-building and team challenges range from simple challenges which assess individuals’ strengths and abilities to work as a team, to bridge-building and recovery challenges that will definitely take everyone out of their comfort zone while having a great time all round.

Offroading, treasure hunts and more

Not sure whether your colleagues are driving enthusiasts? No problem: Red 5 also offers activities like our Rib Charters and Treasure Hunts on the Solent, to full yachting and sailing events, which are great for letting off some steam, having a laugh and seeing your colleagues in a brand new light.

Red 5 even offers a Randonee/Treasure Hunt event in 4×4 vehicles. This day-long adventure consists of map reading and various other challenges which must all be done while driving offroad and on-road across Salisbury Plain and the New Forest National Park; this is done using tulip diagrams and Ordnance Survey Mapping. Not for the faint-hearted, this challenge will allow your colleagues to demonstrate great team leadership, and may flag weak spots and strengths within your teams.

Please call or email for further details, and to discuss your company’s requirements.