Land Rover Servicing

At Red 5 Offroad, we have a longstanding relationship with Land Rover: all our offroad driving instructors are Land Rover certified, so we know how to satisfy the high standards that Land Rover requires. Now, we’re taking our partnership with this legendary offroading company to the next level by offering the highest quality Land Rover servicing.

Quality servicing

Our experienced and qualified team can perform full servicing to ensure your Land Rover is in top condition and ready to handle the most rugged tracks. Our comprehensive servicing includes the replacement of all engine filters, engine tuning, fuel checks and refills, along with all other standard aspects of vehicle maintenance. Our meticulous approach guarantees that you’ll get the smoothest ride from your Land Rover once we’re done and that your vehicle is performing optimally.


Performance enhancement

However, we know that Land Rover owners tend to enjoy pushing themselves and their vehicles to the max – why else would you go for a make that specialises in four-wheel-drive vehicles, designed specifically to handle the roughest, muddiest terrain out there?

If you’d like to take your Land Rover’s performance up a notch, we also now offer vehicle tuning to enhance your vehicle’s performance. Regardless of the model, we can offer top-of-the-line tuning and remapping services that will transform the driveability and power of your vehicle.

How it’s done

Red 5’s technicians will first carry out diagnostics to determine how your engine’s functionality can be improved. Then, the next step is remapping. This involves reprogramming the generic factory-installed data on your engine control unit (ECU) so that your engine can perform at its absolute best. Using the most cutting-edge technology from the UK’s leading remapping business, Monster Tuning Ltd., the entire engine control function of your Land Rover will be optimised, including torque maps, fuel supply, turbo pressure control and throttle maps.

You’ll be amazed at the difference our high-quality servicing and tuning will make to the power and performance of your Land Rover.

To find out more on Red 5 Offroad’s diagnostics, tuning and remapping services, please contact us today.