Land Rover Tuning

With our extensive experience in offering unique offroad driving experiences, we know a thing or two about how a vehicle should perform, even in the toughest conditions. That’s why our qualified technicians now offer vehicle tuning to enhance your car’s performance and help you take your daily driving experience up a notch.

Optimise performance

Tuning your vehicle can improve performance and driveability, increase power and torque, and make your engine much more powerful and efficient. Sticking to your standard manufacturer’s electronic control unit (ECU)—also known as ‘the brain’ of the car—will only allow your vehicle to perform at 60– 70% of its optimum capacity. However, having your vehicle undergo customised tuning through remapping can make all the difference to its performance.

Monster Tuning technology

First, diagnostics should be carried out to determine how your engine’s functionality could be improved. This is done by connecting a laptop PC to your vehicle’s ECU to access the engine management file. From there, the next step is remapping.

Red 5 Offroad is now partnering with the UK’s leading remapping business, Monster Tuning Ltd. to provide cutting-edge remap technology; with Monster Remaps we can offer the highest quality remapping for your vehicle, so that its transformed performance and handling will blow you away. The Monster Tuning optimised file that will be programmed to your vehicle remaps the entire engine control function of your ECU, including torque maps, fuel supply, turbo pressure control and throttle maps.

Modified and standard vehicles

Vehicle tuning, diagnostics and remapping are all critical for any vehicle that has undergone modifications to the engine, intake or exhaust, as these may alter the way the engine flows. Without remapping, some of the performance benefits of the modifications may become ineffective. In fact, a poorly tuned ECU can even worsen the performance of your vehicle or cause engine damage.

However, tuning and remapping can also be hugely beneficial for standard vehicles and offer a safe way of optimising performance, power and driveability.

To find out more on Red 5 Offroad’s diagnostics, tuning and remapping services, please contact us today.