Offroad Driver Training

Train with Land Rover certified instructors

If you’ve always loved daredevil driving manoeuvres or just have an interest in taking your driving abilities to the next level, Red 5 Offroad offers the highest standards of training to both private individuals and commercial operators in the handling of 4×4 vehicles in an offroad situation. Red 5 Offroad not only provides the unique opportunity to enhance your driving skills from beginner level right through to advanced, but we also train you to drive like a pro offroad on the toughest terrain of the New Forest National Park, and with some of the most exciting offroad vehicles in the world.

Safety first

Although Red 5 Offroad is all about adrenaline and wild rides, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we comply with PUWER (the Provison for Use of Work Equipment Regulations), which requires recognised offroad instructors to supply your training for health and safety purposes. Red 5 Offroad’s instructors are trained and certified by Land Rover, adhering strictly to the codes of practice.

Proof of your new driving skills

We will also issue an official Red 5 Offroad certificate stating the level of the course you have attended and successfully completed (just in case anyone’s wondering how you’ve suddenly become such an impressive driver).

Training options for every level

Half-Day Introductory Course

This course is designed to give you a basic offroad driving technique. So you may not quite end up the Lewis Hamilton of offroading, but you’ll definitely have a lot more confidence once we’re done with you. Our instructors will also give you an understanding of the controls and functioning of the vehicle, inclusive of how to conduct basic maintenance checks.

Price of half-day introductory course: £175.00

Full Day Level 1

This incorporates the training from the half-day course but gives you more driving time to build your confidence. This course will train you to a basic but acceptable standard in driving techniques so that you’ll be able to hold your own when tackling our tough terrain.

Price of full day level 1: £275.00

Full Day Level 2 Advanced

This is designed to teach an advanced level in offroad driving techniques and is therefore not for the faint of heart or the offroading beginner. To ensure that you can safely unleash your wild side on even the most inhospitable of offroad tracks, we add a safety and risk assessment as part of your advanced training. Due to the environmental impact of offroad driving, you will also be required to have completed a level 1 course prior to doing the level 2 advanced.

Price of full day level 2 advanced: £375.00

Two-Day Winching Course

We want you to have every aspect of offroading covered before we send you off to muddy slopes, steep descents and water obstacles. That’s why Red 5 Offroad offers a two-day winching course so that you’ll know exactly what to do if you or a mate’s vehicle gets into a bit of trouble while taking on our rugged routes. Not only will you be trained in the operation of drum type electric or hydraulic winches, but you’ll also be taught self-recovery and recovery of third party vehicles, including the driving skills required during a winching operation.

Price of two-day winching course: £500.00

Certified and qualified to international standards

Red 5 Offroad is authorised by the IOPD (International Organisation of Professional Drivers) who are Empowered by Statute 1371 Authorised by the Secretary of State for the Regulation of Off-Highway Auto Events. Our instructors are trained and certificated by Land Rover.