Land Rovers ­– the ultimate offroad 4×4 vehicles

From the Freelander, Defender, and Discovery 3 to top-spec Range Rovers, you’ll receive instruction on how to get full control of these first-class offroading vehicles on varied terrains. You’ll tackle steep ascents and descents, side slopes, water and mud obstacles throughout the day – by the end of it, you’ll be ready for anything!

Red 5 Offroad’s instructors are fully certified by Land Rover, and instruct on a wide range of their vehicles, from the basic 4×4 Defender to the Terrain Response Equipped Vehicles. Once you’ve been trained by these experts, you’ll be tearing up the offroad routes like a pro.

Reverse Steer Suzuki – it’ll mess with your head

This bad boy will take you for a playful, head-spinning ride that’ll force you to stay at the peak of your game. That’s because the Reverse Steer Suzuki does exactly what is says: you turn the steering wheel to the left, and the vehicle goes right – totally confusing, but incredibly fun!

You may think you’re a good driver, but manoeuvring this reverse ride on Red 5’s offroad routes will put your driving skills to the test. We like to recommend this vehicle to any up-and-coming employee trying to impress the boss on a team building day – what better way to show that you can handle even the toughest of challenges while keeping your cool?

Challenge the Stig!

Yep, Red 5 Offroad has dredged the original black Stig up from the sea floor. Some say he has gills, some say he eats whales, all we know is we’ve found him. Can you beat him?

Apache Racer – a psychotic experience in speed and control

Wondering how driving in this twin-seater 750cc 130hp buggy can feel ‘psychotic’? Give it a try and see how it feels to go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds using the Apache Racer’s outrageous over steer for precise control, and we’re sure you’ll agree that this vehicle does indeed offer a psychotic experience.

With Red 5 Offroad’s qualified instructor in the passenger seat pushing you to take this offroading beast to its limit, you can go wild! You can drift, sliding sideways for yards and yards, and even if you get it wrong, you just spin and spin – the low centre of gravity in these vehicles makes them inherently safe. We promise that it’ll probably be the fastest and most fun thing you will ever drive, and the grin factor is 100% guaranteed!

Powerturns – just mad

This unusual vehicle is all about maximum power and giving you the freedom to do the crazy doughnuts and drifts you’ve only ever done in your dreams. Equipped with two Honda engines, each engine provides power and braking to one side of the vehicle. The control lever in the driver’s left hand controls the left-hand engine and the right hand lever controls the right-hand engine, while a pair of wheels sits at the front and back of the vehicle for stability. This means you can make the most of this vehicle’s powerful momentum with spot-on control – a recipe for over-the-top turning action that will leave you breathless.

The Powerturn is capable of amazing turns, wild wheelies and incredible acceleration. It offers such a crazy ride that you’ll have to work together in this one! Warning: Don’t attempt with your spouse. There’s a strong chance it could end in divorce.

Quad Bikes – the classic ATV vehicle

Think you wanna get really down and dirty? Red 5 Offroad’s quad trails offer endless muddy fun, and we’ve got a wicked fleet of ATV quads for you to choose from, varying in size from 150cc automatics through to 350cc 4×4 Honda ATVs.

We’ll start you off with a safety brief followed by a fun session on our training area to get you ready and rearing to go. Then you’ll be straight off into the woodland trails, where you’ll have free reign to take your quad for a rough romp on slopes, mud, water and more!

As the original offroad experience, it will test your riding skills from basic level right through to experienced level riding. So if you fancy yourself an expert, think again – we’ll make sure to challenge you with our quad trails and send you home feeling invigorated.

Dual Steer Suzuki – a challenge for any team

Four people, two steering wheels – maddening yet exhilarating! The rear steering axle on this fierce offroading machine can either make you turn on a sixpence or crab along sideways. If you’re looking to bond with your outgoing mates or strengthen a dynamic work team, manipulating our dual steer Suzuki all together will be loads more effective than doing trust falls or singing round a campfire.